Nanotechnology Center “Tehnospark”


Denis Kovalevich

Nanotechnology Center “Tehnospark”CEO


He graduated from State University Higher School of Economics, Management Department, in 2002, as a specialist in Strategic Management.
He did a course of training in the specialty of Management of Innovative and Regional Development at the School of Cultural Policy.

Professional background

From 2002 he directed a number of consulting projects on elaboration of strategies of socioeconomic and innovative development of the Volga Federal District’s regions, was in charge of elaboration of the pilot module project of the national innovative system in the Moscow Region.
In 2005–2007 he was Member of the Board and Deputy General Director for Strategies, Investments and Business Development of Territorial Generating Company No. 5.
Since 2007 he has headed the strategy and log-term planning divisions of “Atomic Energy Power Corporation” and State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”, organized the elaboration of Russia’s atomic industry development and reforming programs.
Since 2009 he has coordinated “Rosatom”’s operation within the Commission for Modernization and Technological Development of Russia under the RF President and the activities of the nuclear technology working party. Member of working parties of the Commission for Energy Efficiency and Medicine.