The «Public-Private Partnership in Healthcare» Conference
Nowadays, healthcare is the leading social area in terms of the number of implemented public-private partnership projects. The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has been working on approximately 20 federal pilot projects which are at different stages of development. According to materials published by the Ministry of Health, 2016 saw the implementation of 70 public-private partnership projects, 61 of which have reached the development and commissioning stages. The total investments in such public-private partnership projects amount to 57 billion rubles, which is 10 % of the total investments in public-private partnership projects across all industries.

The key topics of the Conference:
  • Mechanisms for attracting private investments in healthcare at the federal level and regionally. The main obstructions to the implementation of public-private partnership projects.
  • Why it is legislatively challenging to implement public-private partnership in healthcare. Market changes and initiatives.
  • Failure to comply with deadlines for the implementation of public-private partnership projects. Investor’s potential risks.
  • Measures to ensure compliance with the project approval terms: recommendations and exchange of best practices.
  • The best practices of public and private partnership. The best practices for the implementation of public-private partnership projects.