Challenges and Opportunities on the Russian Aviation Market: Financing and Leasing

Russia is a full-fledged player on the global aviation market. According to analysts, after two years of recession, the air transportation market in Russia is finally starting to show some positive dynamics, despite the developmental restraints of the dollar exchange rate and other global trends, while foreign companies continue to remain alert. Experts also note that the market's capacity has shrank significantly lately, and they predict both a modernization and replacement effort of the current air fleet.

During the conference, the current trends of the aviation financing and leasing markets will be determined; the current condition and prospects of the aviation industry will be analyzed; the outlook of state, business and financial institutions on current issues will be presented; and a conversation will take place between all market participants together.

Key Topics:
  • Current tendencies on the Russian aviation market.
  • Influence of global trends and current economic conditions on the financial state of enterprises and companies in the industry.
  • Aviation financing in Russia: current conditions, changes, prospects.
  • Measures and tools of state support in the aviation industry.
  • Aviation leasing business strategies and development in Russia. Foreign practices and changes on the global market. A foreign lessor's view on the Russian market.
  • Foreign lessor engagement: successful practices and recommendations.
  • Legal and taxation issues in aviation leasing.

Conference audience:
Executives, commercial directors, directors of sales and marketing, development directors from Russian and foreign aviation companies, leasing companies, banks, insurance companies, aviation manufacturing plants, administrative authorities, lawyers and leading industry experts.