Business newspaper The Moscow Times presents its new project, «Management of receivables: A course on risk reduction.» The conference will be held with the support of the credit insurance leader, the Coface company. A key topic for discussion will be the reduction of risks and increase of the company surplus due to effective management of accounts receivable. A solution requires a comprehensive and meticulous approach.
The conference is a great opportunity to exchange experience, debate on the most pressing and topical themes, examine trends in automation and insurance of business processes.

Event Audience
  • CFOs.
  • Heads of financial services, treasury, credit control and risk management.
  • Heads of enterprises.
  • Commercial Directors.
  • Financial professionals involved in the management of working capital.
Key Topics
  • The strategy for preventing formation of accounts receivable.
  • Increasing a counterparty verification system considering all sources of information.
  • Automation of the recovery of receivables.
  • Choosing the best method for determining credit limits for the customers.
  • Comparative analysis of the tools for managing accounts receivable.
  • Increasing customer loyalty through effective management of the receivables.
  • Adaptation of the credit management system and collection of accounts receivable, in line with the standing challenges.
  • Current approach to dispute arbitration.
  • Opinion of Sales department on building a customer-oriented debt management system.