In the recent two years the legal framework has been developing together with the pharmaceutical market. The dialogue between government institutions and the pharmaceutical business has never been more important than it is today. The single EEU market, the legal framework and its implementation at the EEU level, new rules for production site registration, patent protection, mandatory licensing and participation in public purchases are among the most relevant issues for Russian pharmaceutical business.
The Legal Issues of the Pharmaceutical Industry Annual Conference is an effective platform for cooperation and constructive dialogue between the pharmaceutical business and the state.

The key topics of the Conference
  • Which laws (or lack of such) impede the launch of the single EEU market?
  • Mechanisms of mutual recognition of pharmaceuticals registration on the single EEU market.
  • Legalization of parallel import of pharmaceuticals at the EEU level.
  • The «third wheel» of the EEU. What are the public purchase admission requirements for pharmaceuticals produced in the EEU countries?
  • GMP harmonization in Russia and abroad.
  • Risks related to terms of issue of GMP certificates.
  • Recognition problems with GMP certificates issued by regulatory bodies in different countries.
  • Mandatory licensing (pros and cons).
  • Open discussion on banning clinical research and pharmaceuticals registration before the patent drop.

The target audience of the Conference are heads of legal departments of major Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies, representatives of government bodies, lawyers, as well as acknowledged experts on medical science and healthcare.

Participating industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Drugstore chains and distributors
  • Legal companies
Positions of the participants
  • CEO / Executive Director / President
  • Business Development Director /
  • CEO
  • Production Director
  • Director for Product Access, Corporate Relations, and Government Relations
  • Chief Legal Officer, Procurement Director
  • Lawyers